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AJVMP3 alpha version README
Last updated 2005-01-19 12:30

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This program is alpha, that is pre-beta software. Use it at your own risk. If this blows up your clié, bad luck. It hasn't blown anything up for us yet.

Q) Where do I send bug reports/feedback/suggestions?
A) Send them to ajvmp3@paradise.net.nz

Q) How do I play MP3s on the clié?
A) Here is probably the most common method. Put a blue or white memory stick into your clié. Put your clie on its hotsync cradle and make sure the cradle is plugged into your computer. Run the 'MS Import' application on your clié. It should come up as a drive letter on your computer. If it doesn't you may have to install the MS Export utility that comes on the CD you got with your clié. On the new drive letter that has come up there should be a folder called PALM. If there isn't a folder called PALM then make one called PALM. Open the PALM folder. In the PALM folder there should be a folder called PROGRAMS. If there isn't a folder called PROGRAMS in the PALM folder then make one called PROGRAMS in the PALM folder. Inside PROGRAMS there should be a folder called MSAUDIO. If there isn't a folder called MSAUDIO, well I'm sure you get it by now - you copy your MP3s into this folder. When done, run the AJVMP3 app and it will read the contents of your memory stick in and then present a list of tracks. If you've got ID3v2 tags on your tracks that information will be used, otherwise the file names will be listed. Click play on the button that looks like play and so on. Click on a track to go straight to that track. Have a play and let us know what you think.

Q) Which model Sony cliés has it been tested on?
A) NR70, N760, and SJ20 with the Audio Adapter. It doesn't work on any of the Palm OS 5 devices due to a lack of help from Sony. Let us know if it works on your model.

Q) Does it work on the NX series clié?
A) Not yet, but we're working on it.

Q) What's different about AJVMP3 from the audioplayer that comes with my clié?
A) It supports hires(+) so you can see the full artist/title of each track. It can parse cue sheets embedded in the ID3v2 tag and accurately seek on VBR mp3s, like MP3Cue for winamp.
- MP3Cue (for Winamp version 2 only) is available here. Please note MP3Cue is nothing to do with AJVMP3.

Q) What does it mean when I get the error 'The remote control is already in use' when I exit AJVMP3?
A) The audio remote control (that little device with the headphone slot and player buttons) can only be used by a single background application. You will need to disable the other application's use of the remote control (usually this is AudioPlayer - turn background play off) before setting AJVMP3 to play in the background.

Q) What does it mean when the album title is underlined?
A) It means if there is a MP3CUE cuesheet in the file that it doesn't have the seek indexes - use the mp3cue plugin and right click 'Find Seek Times' and then do 'Save Sheet to MP3'.

Q) Does it support ID3v1 tags?
A) Yes. At the moment if a ID3v1 tag is present at the same time as a ID3v2 tag the ID3v2 tag is ignored. A preference will be added at a future date to choose which one you want to use.

Q) Does it support playlists?
A) Not yet, but this is planned for a future release.

Q) Can I change the order of the tracks?
A) Not yet, but this is planned for a future release.

Q) Why can't I scroll the screen to view the rest of the song info or the rest of the tracks on the memory stick?
A) This is planned for a future release.

Q) Why is there no volume indicator?
A) This is planned for a future release.

Q) Will it support skins?
A) Not yet, but this is planned for the next release.

Q) Will there be any visualisations?
A) Maybe.

Q) What is the music note button on the far right for?
A) It's a bass boost button.

Q) Will it support ogg/wma/codec of choice?
A) Originally we didn't intend to, as AJVMP3 uses the Sony hardware API for decoding mp3s and Sony generated ATRAC3 files. As the NX series clié has no hardware API, we will have to include our own mp3 decoder so there's a possibility we will support other codecs as well.

Q) Is this freeware or shareware or what?
A) Neither at the moment. If we get all the features we have planned in then we'll most likely make it shareware as a reasonable amount of effort has already been put into it.